the scattering

by the scattering

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The band on this recording:


released December 12, 2014

engineered, mixed
and mastered
at The Sound
Saloon, Reno NV
by Jeromy Ainsworth

all words and music by
the scattering


all rights reserved



the scattering Reno, Nevada


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Track Name: Prey For Acid Rain
Set adrift on dark and open seas
Locked gaze on stars and sky
Loss of control
No thought to those you leave behind
Eyes bright with a death no one’s buying
Rats on a sinking ship
Turn on back on those who share your fate
Silver spoon in hand – passing judgment down
Compassionless and cold
Cold eyes bright
With a death no one’s buying
Hold tight to your lonely empire
Built on
On hearts and minds
Of those
Who still live free
Who still live free
Who still who still who still live free
This storm is is coming
And all your solitude will make it
Will make it
So much worse for you
The things you have cannot save you
You’re just as helpless and weak as we
Track Name: Stand Tall Warrior
Silently into the room she walks
Her face tells a story her words cannot explain
Standing tall she screams
But no one – no one is listening
Standing tall
Won’t someone won’t anyone just listen
Alone into the empty night she pours out her pain
Never wash – wash away
Forget nothing forgive
Forgive less
Demand your voice be heard stand tall warrior
Stand tall
Tonight somehow tonight someone
Tonight someone falls
And I’ll bet
It’s not her
She knows her words are not enough
She knows your words are meaningless
She knows her words are not enough
She knows your words are meaningless
Every breath takes her
Closer to the end
She’ll burn it all down
And bathe in the warmth or this justice
Track Name: Don't Comply
How long will we tolerate these abuses of power?
How long till the bodies are too much to bear
These problems won’t come to end on their own
Soon enough the blood is on our hands
Fight back don’t comply
Fight back don’t surrender
Fight back don’t comply
Fight back and fight hard
Give them an inch
And they’ll take
Take your fucking life
In a cell or in the ground it’s
All the same
To them
Murders ignored are murders still
They take it
Take it all
If we let them
Murders ignored are murders still
Apologist opened the door
And they kicked it down
Just to show us who’s in control

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